​Own the authentic

JE SUIS HEUREUSE  /  Collection 2020

From 2020, we will announce a collection on the theme and thoughts of the year. And this is the first one. Now we have included in this work that we think as humans involved in beauty and where we wan to go. 

​Own the authentic


That is our theme this year.  We will capture the happiness of each by continuing to strive for the real thing as a hairdresser, hair and makeup, as a salon, as a team. And we want to to expand the circle of happiness by processing enough power to give it to many people.


Like  athletes, we take care of their own physical and health aspects and take seriously the results. That is our mind now. In order to put it into the work, we decided that the visual theme is sporty this time. In addition, as we mentioned in the team scene, we planned and advanced this collection by incorporating diversity elements into model casting. 

Various industries are facing to make the life of things, the life of nature, and the life of the earth sustaineble. In today’s world where there are a wide variety of ways of living and ideas, as we are working to make that trend a positive tailwind, we want to start by putting that air into our work as a technician, and as a designer.

Although it is a still a small team, we will continue to strive to spread the happy mood while making the real thing sustainable. Thank you very much in the future.


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